Transforming Our World Through Love And Support For Our Neighbors In Need

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated many communities around the globe, leaving many without basic welfare.  

As part of the Caterpillar Foundation’s global relief efforts, in Indonesia we supported our longstanding partner HOPE worldwide, an international organization responding to the health crisis by staying true to their purpose — transforming our world through love and support for our neighbors in need.  

HOPE worldwide, with support of the Caterpillar Foundation, is ensuring safe health protocols in our programs and offices, delivering food and nutrition support, empowering doctors and nurses with personal protective equipment, promoting handwashing with soap, and continuing to serve the poor and needy that are now much more vulnerable. 

By focusing on three main goals: distribute PPE to hospitals, supply food and educate families, HOPE worldwide was able to:  

  • Distribute 1,200 sets of personal protective equipment to hospitals and clinics. (Sets included HAZMAT coveralls, shoe covers, gloves, surgical masks, goggles and face shields, along with providing educational posters for the clinics and hospitals.) 
  • Distribute 3,000 food baskets to people affected economically 
  • Provide key COVID-19 education awareness to 1,200 families   

Since 2010, the Caterpillar Foundation has partnered with HOPE worldwide to support disaster preparedness programs and support their commitment to deliver sustainable, high-impact, community-based services to those in need.  

Visit HOPE worldwide to learn more about their work.   

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