The Caterpillar Foundation at The Atlantic Festival

Earlier in October, the Caterpillar Foundation joined forces with some of today’s biggest thinkers and leaders in technology, politics, business and the arts at The Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C. The goal? To find solutions to the most consequential issues of our time.
The festival took over multiple blocks in Penn Quarter and drew more than 3,000 people looking to make real change for a better future. Government, public and private sectors alike came together to discuss the state of society and ideas for moving it forward. Keynote speeches from leaders including Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senators from both parties, executives from Twitter, AT&T and Lockheed Martin, and charitable organizations like the ONE Campaign, Black Girls Code and the Ford Foundation brought insights on a range of topics and from every sector.
The Caterpillar Foundation President Michele Sullivan talked to attendees from the mainstage about the Together.Stronger. approach to philanthropy and partnerships to end extreme poverty. The key takeaway: nothing of consequence can be accomplished alone, and meaningful, strategic partnerships can lead to real, sustainable progress.
Our partners charity: water and the American Red Cross joined us to bring attention to the Value of Water campaign activation and the collaborative work we do for water. Attendees participated in a water walk, simulating the lengths many go to for life-sustaining water, made pledges for water on a social wall and unlocked more than $85,000 in donations to charity: water, helping to bring water access to 2,845 people in need.  Others learned about the collaborative Missing Maps program from the Red Cross, which helps put vulnerable people on the map and aid first responders in crisis situations. Hear more from our partners on our Facebook Live Video from the event.
Take a look through the event photos below and tag a post on Facebook or Twitter with #ForWater to unlock $30 in donations to charity: water.

Michele Sullivan, President of the Caterpillar Foundation, joins partners from charity: water and the American Red Cross in the Value of Water activation space in Sidney Harman Hall.

Festival attendees learned how to help map locations with help from the American Red Cross, facilitating disaster response in crisis situations around the world.

Participants carried jerry cans weighing 40 lbs. each to see what many women and children experience each day to bring water to their families.

From walking to conserving to eliminating plastic straws, attendees made pledges to address water issues on a personal level.

This group took photos and posted what they would do #ForWater and helped unlock donations to charity: water.

Some local D.C. celebrities stopped by to participate…

Even Former Secretary of State John Kerry stopped by and did his part to unlock a donation #ForWater!

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