A Perspective from the Caterpillar Foundation President

This past week marked the 74th annual Global Goals Week at the United Nations in New York City. The Caterpillar Foundation team had the opportunity to attend and represent our company’s work, values and commitment to building a better world. Each year during this week, heads of states, nonprofits, corporations, policymakers, advocates and journalists come together to build momentum, share ideas, forge partnerships and make commitments to create a more sustainable and inclusive global economy by advancing progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
For the Foundation, participating in Global Goals Week enables us to strategically engage with important partners, stakeholders and global leaders, and helps us continue to build relationships and our reputation in this space. Committing to the Global Goals is an ambitious undertaking, but both our company and our Foundation contribute to the progress of the SDGs through the work we do every day in the communities in which we live and work.
Over the course of the week, our team attended a range of convenings and events, where we participated in conversations, shared our perspectives on important development priorities, and listened and learned from others who are doing impressive work in a variety of fields.
Some highlights of the week include:

  • Attendance at the Gates Foundation Goalkeepers Summit, which examined the role of philanthropy and business in global development, and highlighted new and emerging leaders from around the world who are driving action through greater accountability and impact
  • Support of our partners at the UN Foundation and The Nature Conservancy through participation in a series of workshops about the power of nature-based solutions in transforming communities and people’s lives both at home and abroad
  • Hosting a number of partner meetings where we examined new opportunities for collaboration and projects that can create greater impact and result in long-term and systemic change in Caterpillar communities
  • Convening of a diverse group of key stakeholders and cross-sector leaders for a roundtable discussion on the best practices, challenges and opportunities in investing in sustainable infrastructure, empowering the workforce of the future, and building resilient communities through partnerships

In addition, Caterpillar Vice President of Global Government & Corporate Affairs, Kathryn Karol, spoke passionately about the innovative work our company is doing to address the SDGs at an event hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. She highlighted how our products, services and solutions help our customers build a better world; how our Foundation supports building the complementary human infrastructure needed for individuals and communities to thrive; and how our employees play a critical role in these important issues by volunteering their time and talents in the communities where they live and work.
Overall, it was an impactful and significant week for Caterpillar and the Caterpillar Foundation, and one that reinforced and affirmed our collective belief that true progress cannot be achieved without collaboration. The Caterpillar Foundation looks forward to taking an active part in the Global Goals, and witnessing the ongoing global effort aimed at ensuring a sustainable future – both for this generation, and generations to come.

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